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What Did You Say

S1 : E8

NR | 47 min | Aired: 11.07.22

All the remaining men get another shot at throwing out their rods. Will the ladies take the bait?

Three confident and smart women in search of love move to a tropical island to be greeted by 24 men. Twelve are considerate and trustworthy nice guys and twelve are FBoys, self-proclaimed players who really don’t think they need to change their ways. Over the course of the series, hosted by Lisa Loeb, the women navigate the dating pool together in the hope of each finding a nice guy. Eliminated nice guys get to relax in the nice guy grotto while eliminated FBoys spend their time in LimBRO, where Lisa gives them daily lessons on being a nice guy – ahead of an explosive return in the penultimate episode. In the final, will any of the women mistakenly choose an FBoy and if so, will he steal the prize money and ditch her? Dutch version of FBOY ISLAND"


Lisa Loeb (host)


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